Leahan Frandsen

Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Candida Cleanse Expert

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The Inspired You is about living a life of passion through healing the body from within. We dig deep to find the root cause of your health concerns and are able to properly support the body back to health and vitality.  

There are a variety of different health concerns that we address including gut health, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances.

Discover how you can heal from within


  • After suffering with a host of terrible symptoms for years, I decided to try the Candida cleanse and am so thankful I did. Within the first week of the cleanse I started to notice a difference and my symptoms gradually subsided. I lost 10 lbs, no longer had sugar cravings and had way more energy. With the cleanse, I became much more aware of how I should be eating and what foods will naturally help me combat Candida.

    – Jessica J

  • The Inspired You Candida cleanse is amazing. Leahan was great along my journey and recommended additional steps for me to take to make it even more effective. I can honestly say, I’ve never felt better and would recommend this cleanse to anyone battling with Candida.

    – Jessica B

  • I suffered from debilitating sinus infections and had tried everything. I heard about the candida cleanse and it worked miraculously for me! The recipes are delicious and the program is easy to understand. I’ve never felt better

    – Emily S

  • “Since taking Leahans probiotics I no longer feel bloated. My body functions a lot better overall and my stomach feels happy 😊. I definitely feel lighter and healthier and my digestion has completely improved. Thanks for taking care of me and saving my insides!”

    – Kay S

  • “I have been taking the Lypo-spheric Vitamin B Complex for a few weeks now and notice my energy is up. I am a mechanic and due to cancer, had my large intestine removed so I require the appropriate supplements to help me absorb nutrients from foods. Leahan has really helped me receive my daily amounts of nutrients from the great products she carries.”

    – Harold T

  • “I started working with Leahan to help me in living a better and healthier lifestyle. One of my biggest issues was sleeping and within a few weeks of taking supplements and vitamins that she recommended, I started to sleep dramatically better and with her guidance, my overall lifestyle has improved.”

    – Lane M

  • “Since working with Leahan, my body, mind, and overall wellness has improved dramatically.
    Of all of the health practitioners I’ve worked with, Leahan has paid the most attention to my needs and has exceeded my expectations in caring and supporting me.”

    – Kay S, Calgary AB

  • “Leahan started working with me back in February 2017, to help me improve my health and lose weight. By using different supplements that she recommended they have helped me not only lose 130lbs but also improved my energy substantially. The Adrenplus-300 has given me the boost I needed while improving my mental clarity and focus.”

    – Brett B

  • “Leahan’s nutrition plan has changed my life! This is the first time in years that I’ve finally been able to feel better about myself. She has helped me jump start my journey to living a healthier lifestyle and I can’t wait to continue on this amazing quest with her.”

    Wendy G, Calgary, AB

  • “Leahan is a very special person, my Angel in disguise, with wings that lift your spirit and help carry your health to a whole new level. She has come into my life for a purpose and at just the right time. She has put her heart and soul into helping me on a path to better health. Awwwwesome! That’s you! Thanks.”

    – Holly R, Calgary, AB