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The Inspired You: Episode 6 “Gut Instinct”

All right folks. It is that time of year again here in Calgary, Alberta…….it’s Calgary Stampede time and today I want to talk about the importance of  digestive health. I can guarantee that gut health is not on the radar for most of us during the Calgary Stampede festivities which is why I feel it is important to discuss today.

Gut health is absolutely the most important thing we need to do focus on when dealing with overall health and well being. I truly believe it is not discussed enough and is a major miss when dealing with all of the health concerns in the world today. The gut is actually our brain! The gut is number one and it is the master communicator throughout our body. In fact, the gut is where 80% of our immunity comes from so its function and health is of utmost importance and if it is inflamed and irritated, it does not transmit the correct signals to our actual brain. Without gut health, our bodies do not function as a whole and this causes illness whether it be physical or mental/emotional. We are noticing more and more symptoms of dis-ease within our society and more chronic health issues than ever before. Simply put, we are not as healthy as we once were.

Through my research, I have found three of the top supplement companies in the country that manufacture pure and natural products that are easily absorbed by the body. Supplements are necessary to help provide our bodies with the essential nutrients it needs since we are missing many of these vital nutrients in our food. Unfortunately, in the world today, the soil our food is grow in, is contaminated, and does not carry the nutrients it once did so food can in fact heal the body but not like it used it to. In short, using organic, real, whole foods, to help heal and support the body is optimal but supplementation is required to achieve optimal nutrient absorption and achieve gut health.

The phrase “follow your gut instinct” is true! We should all be listening to how our gut actually feels everyday whether it be in life or after eating. We need to pay attention and become aware of our bodies because our bodies are designed to tell us what it needs from a place of instinct not thinking. When using holistic nutrition and functional medicine practices, the goal as a practitioner is to encourage our clients to allow the body to make decisions without our minds taking over.  

If we heal the gut, we can heal the mind, body and soul. Each one of us is different and unique and requires an individualized plan in order to heal, which is why it is important to find a practitioner that you can work together with and trust. Heal the gut. Heal the body. Heal your life so that you can live the best, most inspired and vibrant life possible.  

The Inspired You: Episode 3 “Diet”

We are back again for more Candida talk.

I am super excited to share some important information on diet as diet is of utmost  importance when we are dealing with Candida. Candida is tricky and is very difficult irradicate due to the fact that it has a protective biofilm encapsulating it which allows the fungus to thrive and survive the most extreme conditions in our bodies. The more we support it with certain “yeast feeding” food choices, the stronger it grows and thrives so we need to stop feeding it and start starving it! How? Well the major culprit is sugar!  When doing a Candida cleanse avoiding sugar is a must and truly is key to fighting candida. These cells need sugar to grow, multiply and morph into their more virulent, fungal form. The only acceptable sugar to consume is green apples, green bananas and berries ensuring to consume a maximum of one cup per day. Also make sure to avoid vinegar (with the exception of apple cider vinegar), gluten, dairy, alcohol and coffee. From my experience with clients, the two most difficult things to avoid are alcohol and coffee as these are common habits that have become apart of most peoples daily routine. There are a few really great options to try when replacing alcohol and coffee, such as, soda water with lime when out with friends and in the morning having a warm soothing drink like chai tea or even my personal favorite, matcha green tea. With matcha tea in particular, you will still get the caffeine boost that most of us like, without having the acidic effects that coffee causes within our digestive tract.

Now that we have reviewed the foods that we need to avoid, there are also foods that I are important to consume. I recommend three cups of raw, red beets per week, three to five cups of daikon radish per week and lastly it is important to have one cup of bone broth daily. Bone broth is so powerful and healing and aids in the repair of our gut which is why it is so important to consume when doing a candida killing protocol.

I hope to have been able to provide you with enough information to make sure you are successful in living a candida-free life. Just remember to stay strict when it comes to diet on my six to eight week candida cleanse. When we feed the candida the food it needs to survive, its like taking one step forward then five steps back. With discipline and perseverance, you can rid the body of fungus and lead a much more healthier and vibrant life because how you feel changes how you act and how you think.

Take care and eat right!