The Inspired You: Episode 4 “Supplements”

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Because I am loving the topic of candida right now, I really wanted to discuss the importance of supplementation when dealing with candida. As previously discussed, sticking to a strict diet is key when it come to candida but supplements are also a big part of any candida cleanse and how you go about the process of supplementation is really important.  

There are many different trains of thoughts in regards to how to get rid of this fungal yeast infection, as well as, there are different lengths of time that these cleanses can last for. I believe the longer, the better, because the number one thing we need to be aware of is the various life cycles that candida has. We need to make sure that we are not just targeting one cycle but all cycles to ensure we alleviate this pathogen for good!

I have constructed a killer six week cleanse (it could take up to eight weeks depending on individual reassessment) where we target every single life cycle. The first part of the cleanse focuses on eliminating candida from the body, while the second part uses the appropriate supplements to support and heal the body back to ultimate health.

The success of my program is undeniable and I am so grateful to have had amazing feedback and results from my clients. I have laid out an easy to follow anti-fungal supplement protocol using therapeutic grade, all natural products that are backed by clinical evidence. These companies are the best in the industry and have proven that when quality supplements are used, from the top companies in the country, we are able to eliminate candida for good the first time around.

If you are interested in hearing more about candida cleansing or if you have any questions, I encourage you to do your own research and go with what feels right for you. I am always here, so message me, contact me, let me know how I can help. Have a beautiful day and thanks so much for stopping by

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