The Inspired You: Episode 7 “Organic Dirty Dozen”

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Today I would like to talk about organic foods as it is definitely a controversial issue that seems to be a hot topic lately. I over hear discussions about organic vs non-organic foods randomly when I am out and about, whether it be when I am walking through the grocery store or in the dog park with my pooch.

I do believe that purchasing organic foods is important. When I say this I am speaking from my own personal opinion after the research that I have done. I have chosen to use organic products as much as possible, even though it is more expensive, but I must say, the prices are lowering since it is now a lot easier to find. Most of the major grocery stores such as Safeway, Superstore and Walmart are carrying organic products which has allowed these products to be offered at a cheaper rate. Specialty health food stores can still be harder on the pocket but if you are keen to choose organic foods, purchasing from local farmers is always your best bet. I truly feel that organic does make a difference as these products are sprayed with less chemicals and less pesticides. I recommend my clients consume only organic produce but if I have to choose and narrow it down to a few items I advise that you purchase “The Dirty  Dozen.”  These foods are the twelve foods that absolutely must be purchased organic! The “Clean Fifteen” is the other side of the equation and these are fifteen items that could potentially be bought non-organic. The last piece of information when discussing organic choices is when it come to meat protein. Always make sure you are buying organic meat that is locally sourced and farmed. It is important to know your farmer! Beef, chicken must be organic, as well as, free of antibiotics and hormones.

In conclusion, do your research, find local famers and go with what feels right for you! Until next time my healthy friends 🙂 

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